Learning Design & Technology

02/21/06: Students hang out in the Garcia Hall study lounge. (photo by Darren Phillips)

We are updating the degree offerings for concentrations in  Learning Design and Technology.  Please see our Learning Design & Technology Degree Programs page.
The Learning Design & Technology faculty and students are dedicated to leading the transformation of educational environments and expanding culturally-responsive learning opportunities to global communities.
Missioninstructor with students and laptops
The Learning Design & Technology faculty and students engage with the challenges of the rapidly changing landscape in 21st century teaching and learning. Faculty and students in this program are involved in continuous knowledge creation within a culturally-responsive worldview, research-based learning design, and the integration of theory and practice.
The Learning Design & Technology faculty have a set of core values that are now aligned with the College of Education’s Core Values of Excellence, Integrity, Diversity, Transparency, Leadership, & Innovation. By sharing these and other key information on our website we address Transparency. Additional aligned core values include the following statements.

  • By moving students from Digital Literacy to Digital Fluency and Critical Digital Literacy, we, the faculty, align with the values of Innovation and Excellence.
  • By addressing the use of Technology and Critical Agency in education and society, the faculty in LDT are aligning our efforts with the values of Leadership and Integrity.
  • The work done by the faculty to develop curriculum that instructs students in Culturally-Responsive Learning Design speaks to our value for Diversity.
  • The work done by the LDT faculty to design and engage in Collaborative Learning Design experiences aligns with our value of Innovation.
  • Fostering Responsible and Self-Directed Learners speaks to promotion of Excellence in teaching and learning.

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*We are currently re-designing the curriculum for this master’s degree. A cohort will be admitted in Fall 2020. Applications will only be accepted for review for Fall 2020 cohort. Please check back soon for more information.*