Master of Arts in Education: Educational Learning Technologies

  • Overview

    for K-20+ Educators

    The Master of Arts in Education (Educational Learning Technologies – EDLT) is 30 credits, 100% online, and is designed for educators who:

    1. are already licensed K12 teachers,
    2. work in higher education,
    3. or who wish to be e-developers in a variety of contexts


    This program prepares educators for 21st century teaching and learning in blended and fully online environments. The program covers integrating best practices in curriculum and instruction, culturally responsive teaching, online learning/educational technology, online pedagogy, and curriculum development for blended and online delivery using emerging technologies. 

    Benefits of earning a Master of Arts in Education: Educational Learning Technologies

    • Become skilled in developing blended and online curriculum and learning environments.
    • Develop effective strategies for classroom technology integration.
    • Become a leader in blended and online teaching and learning in your school district.
    • Study for this degree using online courses, from the convenience of your home or school.
    • Apply for Technology related endorsement from New Mexico Public Education Department
    • Earn a Master’s degree, which fulfills one of the requirements for advancement in New Mexico’s three-tiered licensure system to Level III, with a base salary of $50,000.
  • Courses

    (30 credits, all available online)
    Take all of the following:
    • EDUC 518 Technology and Pedagogy
    • EDLT 528 Foundations of Learning Design & Technology
    • EDLT 560 Fostering Online Learning Communities 
    • EDLT 561 Social Media in Blended and Online Learning Environments
    • EDLT 573 Culturally Responsive Teaching with Technology
    • EDLT 575 Designing and Organizing Online Learning Environments
    • EDLT 577 Online Teaching and Learning
    • EDLT 578 Design of Webinars and Webconferences
    • Choose an EDUC/EDLT Elective*
    • EDLT 590 Capstone Course


    Students will consult with an EDLT advisor on their programs of study and elective. *Electives might include EDUC 519 for students who plan to continue with a doctoral program, EDLT 592 Directed Studies, or other approved EDUC/EDLT 500 level course. For New Mexico Teachers in the Media Savvy Citizens Media Literacy Program, EDLT 520 Critical Digital Literacy meets this elective criteria.

  • Course Schedule

    The cohort schedule of classes is as follows:


    Fall Year 1 Spring Year 1  Summer Year 1
    EDUC 518 EDLT 560 EDLT 561
    EDLT 528 EDLT 575 EDLT 573
    Fall Year 2 Spring Year 2  
    EDLT 577 Elective  
    EDLT 578 EDLT 590   
  • General Information


    Education, School of Teacher Preparation, Administration, and Leadership; Education and Design in Learning Technology Programs

    Program Category

    Technology-Based Programs


    Julia Parra, Assistant Professor
    Coordinator for Learning Design & Technology 
    Director of Online Teaching & Learning Graduate Certificate Program
    Email: (Preferred Contact)
    Office phone: 575-646-1767


    The Master of Arts in Education with Concentration in Education and Design in Learning Technology is 100% online and is a 30 credit hour, two-year program of study planned for New Mexico K-20+ teachers.

    Delivery method

    100% Online


    Candidates must complete a minimum of:

    • 30 credits in required coursework


    See the University Accounts Receivable Tuition & Fee Rates for the current tuition rate.


    • Eligibility for admission to the Graduate School.
    • Admission to NMSU Graduate School

    Review and Acceptance

    Acceptance to the program will be based on:

    1. After a review of your completed Application, an advisor will contact you via email regarding your status. Only completed applications will be reviewed. 
    2. Successful admission to the NMSU Graduate School. The Graduate School will send you a letter informing you of your status.

    Program Application

    This program is primarily cohort model as related to application/acceptance process. For Fall 2020 start date, applications are due July 6, 2020. Contact Julia Parra with questions.

    The Application Process is currently as follows:

    • Information and documents you will need when applying:
      • Credit card information for the application fee payment
      • Electronic copies of transcripts and if international, certified English translated copy
      • Three recommenders contact information – for the first, use me Julia Parra, New Mexico State University, Assistant Professor, Advisor, 575-646-1767,
      • Required supporting documentation for the academic program supplement – for the 2-page document you need to upload please see below. Here is what you need in a Google Document – MAE EDLT 2-Page Supplemental Document.
    • Go to:
    • Upper right button- Apply to Graduate School
    • Create Account
    • Fill out Personal and Residency information
    • When you get to the GR Enrollment Information page, select:
      • Starting Semester: Fall 2020
      • Campus: NMSU-Online
      • Enrollment Status: choose applicable option 
      • Degree: Master’s
      • Online Intended Major (Master’s): Education (Educational Learning Technologies)
    • Fill out Secondary Contact Information
    • Add your Academic Information 
    • Add your Graduate Other Information
    • Where it says Test Scores, select Continue 
    • Recommendations: you will need three, use me as the first, and then you need two more. Note that the recommendation is a form that is sent to the recommender, letters of recommendations are all that is required. The buttons are not required. For the letter of recommendation, a letter can be uploaded OR there is a box to type letter type information and this can be brief and it can just be a sentence or two. For Fall 2020, I will review the application and it won’t matter to me who the second and third recommendations are.
    • Graduate Supplemental Information
      • General Statement of Purpose – for this 2-page document you need to upload, please copy and address the requested information below into a document, use 12pt, double spacing. Here is the below information in a Google Document – MAE EDLT 2-Page Supplemental Document.
      • Upload an existing Resume or CV – it can be brief
      • Writing Sample is not needed, skip this
    • Provide your virtual signature
    • Review and Submit 

    MAE EDLT 2-Page Supplemental Document.

    Per EDLT Coordinator, Julia Parra’s request, I am providing the following information:

    How many online classes have you taken?* Delete what doesn’t apply

    • None
    • 1-3 classes
    • 4-6 classes
    • 7+ classes

    How many online classes have you taught?* Delete what doesn’t apply

    • None
    • 1-3 classes
    • 4-6 classes
    • 7+ classes

    How many online classes have you developed?* Delete what doesn’t apply

    • None
    • 1-3 classes
    • 4-6 classes
    • 7+ classes

    Highest level of education completed* Delete what doesn’t apply

    (Bachelors degree or higher required for admission to the cohort)

    • Bachelors
    • Masters
    • EdD
    • PhD


    Major/Field of Study:

    Current Profession:


    Do you plan to apply for New Mexico Public Education Department Endorsement?

    • Information Technology Coordinator – yes or no
    • Technology Education – yes or no

    In 200-500 words, please answer the following questions:*

    • Why are you taking this program?
    • What expectations do you have for this program?

    Program Assessment and Accreditation

    Program Assessment: The culmination of the degree program includes a Capstone course wherein students submit, 1) a fully developed online course that is reviewed with an online course quality rubric, and 2) an 8-10 page rationale that is reviewed with a rubric. selected New Mexico State University as one of the Best Master’s in Teaching Programs for 2019 with the previous version of this degree, MAE OTL, ranked 14 on this list and noted as best for K-20+ Educators.

    Accreditation: New Mexico State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

    Disabilities: If you have a disability that may affect your performance in a course, or if you require accommodations in order to take a distance education course, contact NMSU’s Student Accessibility Services  (SAS). Providing accommodations for distance education students sometimes requires more time than in a traditional classroom setting so students are encouraged to begin working with SSD as early as possible.

    International Students: If you are an International Student, please see The International Student and Scholar Services website.

    This program is 100% online. Therefore, if you are an international student with specific requirements for face-to-face courses, this is not a suitable program to meet your curriculum needs and educational requirements.

  • College of Education

    Julia Parra, Assistant Professor
    Coordinator for Education & Design in Learning Technology
    Preferred Communication is Email:
    Office phone: 575-646-1767 (not available in the summer, always use email first please)