Graduate Certificate in Education and Design in Learning Technology

  • *We are currently re-designing the curriculum for and changing the name of the graduate certificate. The new name will be the Graduate Certificate in Education and Design in Learning Technology. Please check back soon for more information.* 

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    What is the Graduate Certificate in Education and Design in Learning Technology?

    The Graduate Certificate in Education and Design in Learning Technology is for professionals in business, government, education, or other settings who want to develop their knowledge and skills in online teaching and learning. The certificate uses technology-based environments to actively engage students in designing formal educational projects that meet professional objectives.

    The core courses (3-credits each) in this program are sequenced to provide an intense immersion in a dynamic online environment and culminates in an online teaching practicum. Prime candidates for the certificate are individuals with a need to explore online teaching and learning techniques and the willingness to engage in collaborative learning projects.

    Current NMSU graduate students can take the certificate program. However, the decision about if and how courses factor into a degree plan, or not, is decided by the department issuing the graduate degree. It’s highly recommended you meet with your graduate advisor before you start the certificate program. 

    What is Quality Matters?

    Quality Matters (QM) is a nationally-recognized peer review process that certifies the quality of online and blended course design. 

    What benefits does the Graduate Certificate in Education and Design in Learning Technology offer?

    Benefits from earning a Graduate Certificate in Education and Design in Learning Technology include:

    • Proficiency in fostering online learning communities
    • Skill in online teaching
    • Knowledge of successful assessment and evaluation strategies
    • Associations from a network of committed professionals
    • Keeping current with emerging technologies and OTL strategies
    • A foundation of theoretical and practical information
    • Expanded career opportunities
    • Gainful Employment Information 

    Can the certificate program be taken as part of a Masters degree program? Doctoral program?

    Yes, the certificate can be obtained while enrolled in another graduate program; see the Application information section.  This program is also offered as an option in the College of Education’s Master of Arts in Education. See Master of Arts in Education with a Concentration in Education & Design in Learning Technology for more information.

    What is required to complete the certificate program*?

    Once admitted into the program, you must:

    • Complete all courses with a B or higher.
    • Maintain a 3.0 GPA.


    *If you are in a graduate program, all certificate courses must be taken during your program of study.

    This program is ALL online. Therefore, if you are an international student with specific requirements for face-to-face courses, this is not a suitable program to meet your curriculum needs and educational requirements.

    Does certificate qualify for Financial Aid?

    The Graduate Certificate in Education and Design in Learning Technology is a Title IV eligible program since it can lead to gainful employment. Students in the program qualify for financial aid.

  • Courses

    The Graduate Certificate in Education and Design in Learning Technology is a Graduate Certificate* consisting of a number of three-credit courses, which can be taken in as little as one year.* If you are in a graduate program, all certificate courses must be taken during your program of study.

    Synchronous Sessions

    Introductory Session

    At the beginning of the fall semester an introductory session is held to provide you with an overview of The Graduate Certificate in Education and Design in Learning Technology, the semester’s courses, prepare you to use the course technology, and provide an opportunity to meet your instructors and other students. The session is online using web-conferencing software. If you cannot attend, a recording of the introductory session is available. Scheduling information for this session will be provided with your application confirmation.

    Course Sessions

    Some course sessions provide opportunities to meet online synchronously. Details will be provided in each course syllabi.

    Core Courses (TBD, these are the OTLGC courses; EDLTGC is under under development)

    Fall Semester

    EDLT 560 Fostering Online Learning Communities (3 cr.)
    Quality Matters recognized: 4/30/2014
    Examines theoretical and practical aspects of communication and collaboration and their impact on the formation of online learning communities.
    EDLT 560 Syllabus

    EDLT 575 Designing and Organizing Online Learning Environments (3 cr.)
    Quality Matters recognized: 10/10/2014
    Explores the theories, models, approaches, technologies, and methods of online teaching and adult learning to provide a foundation for all other certificate courses.
    EDLT 575 Syllabus

    Spring Semester

    EDLT 580 Tools and Techniques for Online Teaching (3 cr.)
    Quality Matters recognized: 3/1/2013
    Examines the theoretical and practical implications of various asynchronous and synchronous tools and their impact on teaching and learning through research and hands-on experience.
    EDLT 580 Syllabus

    *EDLT 590 Assessing and Evaluating Online Teaching and Learning (3 cr.)
    Quality Matters recognized: 3/18/2014
    Explores a variety of online assessment and evaluation options with an emphasis on continual assessment and evaluation to improve teaching and learning. Prerequisites: 560 & 575)
    EDLT 590 Syllabus

    Summer Semester

    **EDLT 592 Online Teaching Practicum (3 cr.)
    Quality Matters recognized: 6/3/2015
    The final capstone course demonstrating cumulative knowledge and skills acquired in online teaching and learning. Prerequisites: 560, 575, 580 or 581, & 590 must be completed before enrolling in EDLT 592.
    EDLT 592 Syllabus

    *EDLT 590 should not be taken unless your are in the OTLGC program and should be the second or third course you take, never the first.

    **EDLT 592 cannot be taken until all previous OTLGC courses are completed with a “B” or better.

    Students will consult with an OTL advisor on the Online Teaching and Learning Graduate Certificate courses. By completing all five EDLT  courses, students earn a Graduate Certificate; students must apply for the Graduate Certificate upon completion and passing of these courses. This is not a teaching license or an endorsement.

    Other Courses

    Fall Semester

    EDLT 561 Social Media in Blended and Online Learning Environments (3 cr.)
    Explores the role of social media in online and blended learning environments through practical hands-on activities, critical dialogue, and collaborative projects preparing learners to utilize social media personally and pedagogically. Consent of instructor required.
    EDLT 561 Syllabus

    Spring Semester

    EDLT 579 Universal Design for Online Course Design
    Quality Matters recognized: 9/27/2014
    This course explores theoretical and practical implications of universal design in the online course. A new paradigm for instructional design is introduced to demonstrate the potential of universal design to reduce barriers to learning. By designing instruction with accommodation in mind, you increase the opportunity to reach a broader audience of learners. In this course, you will learn how to maximize learning opportunities for all students and gain an understanding of global and policy implications.

    EDLT 581 Emerging Technology Tools & Techniques (3 cr.) *
    Quality Matters recognized: 6/30/2015
    Explores and examines emerging asynchronous/synchronous technologies and their impact on teaching and learning. Incorporating theory. research. and hands-on experiences. *EDLT 581 may be taken in place of EDLT 580 with the instructor’s consent.
    EDTL 581 Syllabus

    Summer Semester

    EDLT 578 Design and Delivery of Webconferences and Webinars
    Examines webconferencing and its impact on teaching and learning through theory, research, and hands-on experiences.
    EDLT 578 Syllabus

  • Technology

    The Graduate Certificate in Education and Design in Learning Technology requires you to have a reliable, up-to-date computer. Most computers purchased within the last two years should be sufficient. You will also need administrative access to your computer in order to download and install applications from the internet.


    A reliable high-speed internet connection will be needed to access course materials and to participate in synchronous events.

    Browser Requirements

    You will need a browser capable of running Canvas. Visit Canvas help to check your browser.


    Browser Plugins

    Multimedia Players


    • Headset with microphone
  • Application


    Before seeking admission to the Graduate Certificate in Education and Design in Learning Technology program, you must:

    • Have a Bachelors Degree or equivalent.
    • Have a need and or strong interest in becoming skilled in online education.
    • Already be admitted to the NMSU Graduate School or in the process of being admitted. Please visit Graduate Admissions to learn more and apply online.

    Completion of Program

  • College of Education Contact

    Julia Parra, Assistant Professor
    Coordinator for Education and Design in Learning Technology
    Director of The Graduate Certificate in Education and Design in Learning Technology
    Preferred Communication is Email:
    Office phone for Monday, 2-4pm Office Hours: 575-646-1767