Master of Arts in Education (Non-Licensure)

The Master of Arts in Education (non-licensure) is designed for people who find employment in various state and private agencies, community colleges or in overseas positions that do not require a teaching license; that is, positions outside of public school teaching.

Minimum credits differ between program concentrations. Please consult your degree program concentration below for specifics.

The program with a concentration in Curriculum & Instruction/Multicultural Education is a 33 credit (minimum) program of study requiring at least 18 credits* in the School of Teacher Preparation, Administration and Leadership (TPAL). The Additional courses (9 credits) must have a prefix of BIL, ECED, EDLT, EDUC or RDG. Elective/Minor courses (9 credits) will complete the program of study.

Minimum number of credits: 33

Course Requirements:

  1. Curriculum & Instruction Core – 15 credits
    • EDUC 515: Multicultural Education (3)
    • EDUC 516: Curriculum & Pedagogy I (3)
    • EDUC 518: Technology & Pedagogy (3)
    • EDUC 519: Research in Curriculum & Pedagogy (3)
    • EDUC 520: Action Research Projects (3). This course is the final core course that students are required to take. EDUC 515, 516, 518 and 519 are prerequisites to taking EDUC 520.
  2. Additional Courses in the field of Instruction – 9 credits
    • Students can choose three additional courses from the departmental course offerings with BIL, ECED, EDLT, EDUC or RDG prefix
  3. Electives and/or Minor – 9 credits
    • Students may choose up to 9 hours of electives outside the department either in the College of Education or elsewhere on


*At least 50% of the credits within this degree must be taken in the field of Curriculum of Instruction, meaning that courses in departments outside of C&I or courses transferred in cannot account for more than 16