Masters Exam (Oral Exam)

For students who do not pass the written masters exam, you have the option to further develop your answers to the questions, answer an additional question, and defend via oral exam to committee. Here are the steps for students who are advised by LDT/OTL faculty:

  1. Receive a copy of the original comprehensive exam (including questions).  
  2. Review the rubric and assessment of the comps focusing on the areas where the exam was lacking.
  3. Gather a committee, two C&I faculty and one Dean’s representative. For LDT faculty see the LDT Faculty page.
  4. Provide a time frame before November 20th  to revisit and re-write the answers to the comps with an expectation of important writing because the time constraint of four hours has been removed.
  5. Reply to the fourth question (provided below) about how an MA degree and the influence your education will have on future teaching practices (4th question — How has my graduate study helped me develop as a professional, and how it will benefit me in the future?)
  6. Prepare a short 10-15 minute presentation reviewing the comps as related to your profession. This presentation will provide the committee (2 members C&I and 1 from outside) a talking point for the oral exam.
  7. Have oral defense paperwork submitted to graduate student services 2 weeks prior to exam date. (defense completed before December 9th)
  8. Ensure that there is a meeting room scheduled for the exam. If you are an online student, a room that allows for a webconference event is needed.
  9. Complete oral exam according to graduate student services guidelines with voting ballots (with a pass or fail outcome).