The Online Program

The C&I Doctoral Program – Online

Things You Should Know

  • Application Portfolios for the Doctoral On-line Program are due on December 15th for the upcoming even-numbered years (2020, 2022, 2024, etc.)
  • This is a sequenced program in which students take two classes each summer, fall and spring
  • All students take the same Program of Study; that is to say, there is no “major” beyond Curriculum & Instruction
    • This is a Curriculum & Instruction “generalist” doctoral degree
    • All members of the cohort will take both a C&I Core set of classes, but also a sampling from each of our Program Areas: Bilingual/TESOL; Early Childhood Education; Educational Learning Technologies; Literacy, Language & Culture; and, Multicultural Education/Critical Pedagogies
    • There are three built-in Independent Study courses (lead by faculty member and taken collectively by the cohort) which allow students to develop their areas of emphasis and the literature that will guide their dissertation
  • Please note: the EdD versus PhD “language/computer tools” requirement also applies to the C&I On-line Doctoral Program (see the General Information doctoral page); that is to say, opting for the PhD doctorate could result in additional coursework of on-line cohort members
  • As noted on the General Information doctoral page, there are two types of doctorates, a Education Doctorate (EdD) and a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD); this is also true for our On-line Program

Once You Are Accepted

  • Applicants who are accepted in March begin the following summer
  • During the fall and spring semesters, classes are taught using the Canvas learning management system and other asynchronous and synchronous technologies (Centra, Skype, Google Docs., etc.)
  • For two of the five weeks during of the summer session, students are required to attend face-to-face classes in residence at the Las Cruces campus
    • This is typically during the 2nd & 3rd weeks of June (classes are Monday-Friday and weekends are off)
    • This is a three summer obligation
    • All cohort members are required to attend the On-line Doctoral Program Orientation Meeting on the Friday after the first week of classes at 5 p.m.
    • The specific summer dates for 2019 are June 10th-June 21st.

Online C&I COURSES: 48 credit hours
First Summer I (On Campus)

  • EDUC 603: Curriculum for a Diverse Society 3 credits
  • EDUC 613: Evaluation of Quantitative Research in Education (Research) 3 credits

Summer II

  • EDUC 637: Social Justice Issues in Education 3 credits


  • BIL 616: Acquiring Emancipatory Discourses 3 credits
    EDLT 610: Technology, Society & Education 3 credits


  • EDUC 576: Qualitative Research (Research) 3 credits
  • EDUC 623: Curriculum Mediation for Democratic Communities 3 credits

Second Summer I (On Campus)

  • EDUC 604: Pedagogy of Learning in a Diverse Society 3 credits
  • EDUC 600: [Formally CEP 511: Edumetrics (Quantitative Research) 3 credits

Summer II

  • EDUC 605: Independent Study (Focus Area – Theoretical Framework) 3 credits
  • ECED 614: Early Childhood, Communities & Social Policy 3 credits


  • RDG 608: Critical Issues in Literacy Education 3 credits
  • EDUC 607: Current Research in Educational Practice (Focus Area) 3 credits


  • EDUC 606: In-depth Interviewing: A Qualitative Research Method 3 credits
  • EDUC 698: Selected Topics (Focus Area – Intellectual Genealogy) 3 credits

Third Summer I (On Campus)

  • EDUC 694: Qualitative Research Designs Seminar 3 credits