Teacher Education – Undergraduate

Undergraduate Teacher Education

The primary function of the undergraduate programs in the School of Teacher Preparation, Administration and Leadership  is the preparation of licensed teachers for elementary and secondary schools. This process includes a broad general education, professional education and teaching specializations.

First Steps – Admission to NMSU
In order to earn a license to teach, one must complete a bachelor’s degree, so the first step is to apply to the university and declare a major (Undergraduate Admissions).  Our undergraduate students are advised by the Center for Academic Advising and Student Support, and students have several choices of majors.
Undergraduate Teaching Majors in the College of Education include:

More detailed information can be found in the catalog at https://catalogs.nmsu.edu/nmsu/education/curriculum-instruction/

To complete the degree (and become licensed to teach), undergraduate students must be admitted to the competitive Teacher Education Program (TEP). Applicants who successfully complete the minimum requirements for admission must submit a professional portfolio to be reviewed by the TEP Admission Committee.
The following minimum criteria must be met:

  • a minimum cum GPA of 2.5,
  • 55 credit hours completed,
  • TEP prerequisite courses completed (or concurrently enrolled in final ones), with a grade of “C” or better,
  • a passing score of 240 or better on the New Mexico Teacher Assessment (NMTA) Basic Skills test.
  • one Student Disposition

The Undergraduate TEP Packet,  explaining the components of the portfolio that are necessary to be considered for admission by the TEP Admission Committee does not ensure admittance into any teaching program. Applicants are encouraged to develop a strong student portfolio, achieve the highest GPA possible and present the portfolio in a professional manner. Packets are also available at the Undergraduate Advisement Office of the College of Education, located in O’Donnell Hall, Room 101. Portfolio submission takes place twice a year 3rd Friday of the Fall and Spring semester, during a specific one week period. For specific dates each semester, contact the Undergraduate Advisement Office at (575) 646-3404. Applicants should be aware that admission to the TEP is competitive and admission is based upon available faculty resources.

Student Teaching is the final semester of the degree, and is a requirement for licensure. Student Teaching applications are submitted one year prior to the actual student teaching semester, and students must be admitted to the TEP in order to apply for student teaching. Application deadlines are October 9 for fall student teaching and March 9 for spring student teaching. Applications are submitted to the Undergraduate Advisement Office.
For more information, contact the College of Education Undergraduate Advisement Center located on the first floor of O’Donnell Hall, Room 101 (575) 646-3404.
DEGREE: Bachelor of Science in Education
Links to the degree plans for undergraduate teaching majors are on the Advisement teaching majors page.

See the Undergraduate Catalog, College of Education – General Information pages for information on the Admission Process, Degree Requirements, and Suggested Program of Study.