Elementary Alternative Licensure

The NMSU Elementary Alternative Licensure Program aims to recruit highly qualified individuals who have earned at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field and are eligible for a New Mexico alternative license. We seek individuals who will have dramatic impact on the social, cultural, emotional, and intellectual growth of youth with whom they will work throughout their career. 

In order to be considered for admission, applicants must first contact Dr. Cecilia Hernandez (cecimh@nmsu.edu).

Applicants must also meet the following minimum requirements and submit the required documentation:

  • Meet minimum state requirements of at least a bachelor’s degree and course requirements of 30 undergraduate credit hours ( NMAC) in the teaching field with a minimum 2.75 GPA.
  • Passing scores for all NMTA Essential Academic Skills (Subtests I, II, and III): http://www.nmta.nesinc.com/
  • Be hired and submit a copy of a current teaching contract from a school district in New Mexico that indicates the candidate is the teacher of record in the teaching field for each year of employment.
  • Admission to the School of Teacher Preparation, Administration, and Leadership in the College of Education.
    • In the event of acceptance, the ALC must take steps to become a student at New Mexico State University through application to the Graduate School (http://gradadmissions.nmsu.edu/) Major: Undeclared – Concentration: Alternative
  • Teach with a provisional/intern license throughout the program
  • Successfully complete required coursework (maintain a minimum of 3.0) within the two-year state time limit
  • Participate in two semesters of observation by a University Supervisor with a $300 fee for each semester.
  • Pass all remaining required state licensure exams for the Elementary content, Professional Knowledge, and Reading Instruction.

ALP Conditional Application S19.doc

ALP Conditional Application S19.pdf

Program Delivery

Face to Face

ELED Licensure Course Work (3 credit hours each)

SPED 500 Introduction to Special Education in a Diverse Society

Spring Only
EDUC 530 Introduction to Education & Classroom Management
RDG 560 Elementary School Literacy I
EDUC 551 Methods of Teaching Elementary School Science
EDUC 552 Methods of Teaching Elementary School Math

Fall Only
RDG 561 Elementary School Literacy II
EDUC 554 Methods of Teaching Elementary School Social Studies

*All licensure courses are eligible for transfer into a regular TPAL master’s program.


For more information:

Name: Dr. Cecilia M. Hernandez
Email: cecimh@nmsu.edu

Telephone: (575) 646-1256