In New Mexico, Licensure is what is commonly referred to as Certification in other states. Licensure allows its holders to teach in public schools in the State of New Mexico. New Mexico State University offers licensure and Master’s plus licensure programs.

What are different ways to get licensed as a teacher in NM?

    1. There are two options: traditional and alternative.
      1. Traditional – Teachers who completed a traditional education program will follow the initial pathway for licensure.
      2. Alternative – Individuals who complete a bachelors program not in an educational program have the option of following the alternative pathway.

Our teacher education program provides an approved educator preparation program as required under Options for Licensure on the New Mexico Dept. of Education website.

Traditional Licensure Programs:

For additional information contact our Teacher Education Programs Coordinators:

Program Coordinators


Programs Program Coordinator E-mail Phone
Early Childhood Education Dr. Lynette Bagwell 646-1537
Elementary Education Dr. Leanna Lucero 646-2205
Secondary Education Dr. Tracey Gorham Blanco 646-4161
Special Education Dr. Stacey Duncan 646-3084
Teacher Education Advising Dr. Margo Trevino 646-3404

Additional information about Licensure in the State of New Mexico see State of New Mexico Department of Education Licensure Information Program.