Teacher Education Program (TEP) Admission

TO: Applicants to the Teacher Education Program
FROM: Dr. Blanca Araujo, Director of Teacher Education Program (TEP)

We value your interest in the Teacher Education Program (TEP) at New Mexico State University. All students who wish to complete a teaching degree must be admitted to the TEP. The College of Education (COE) has instituted a competitive TEP admission process that continues to ensure quality students become prepared teacher candidates. It is required that you submit a professional electronic portfolio as your application to the Teacher Education Program, which will be reviewed by the College of Education TEP faculty.

Education is a rewarding and challenging profession, and the faculty and staff of the college are eager to help you meet your goals. The minimum cumulative GPA and Essential Academic Skills test scores are necessary standards to be considered for admission to the TEP but do not ensure admission to the TEP. A student who, in the professional judgment of the committee, does not present a professional portfolio can be denied admission. Therefore, the applicant is encouraged to achieve the highest possible cumulative GPA and develop a strong student portfolio as outlined in the appropriate packet.

Instruction Packets:

Please read these information sheets carefully. It is important that you follow the TEP portfolio instructions described on the packet. Fully complete your portfolio and submit to the College of Education by the appropriate deadline. Portfolios that are incomplete or received past the due date will need to be resubmitted the following semester.

Minimum Criteria to Submit TEP Portfolio:

  • GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • Earn a C- or better in TEP prerequisites (see the packet for complete list)
  • The student can apply to TEP as early as their 2nd semester of sophomore year. Students may submit their electronic portfolio during the semester in which they are enrolled in the last of the prerequisites. Students need to have completed at least 60 credits to start TEP coursework, but can apply when finishing the last of those 60 hours.
  • The student must have passed the National Evaluation Series (NES) Essential Academic Skills Exams; Reading, Math, and Writing with a minimum score of  220.
    Register http://www.nmta.nesinc.com/ for the NES exams.
  • The student must get a current degree check with a current date and signature from Dr. Margo Trevino-Torres in the College of Education Teacher Education Advising office in O’Donnell Hall #121 (call for an appointment – 575 646-3404).
  • Note: A Google Account is needed to use the online submission portal (Instructions: Creating a Google Account for TEP).

The TEP Online Portfolio:

The Teacher Education Program Directors will review online portfolios two times a year, in the Fall and Spring. Given that you have met the criteria above, upload your completed portfolio to the Teacher Education Program portal (use button below) no later than noon (MST) on:

  • 3rd Friday in September for the Fall,
  • 3rd Friday in February for the Spring,
    Confirm exact date by contacting the Teacher Education Program office at the beginning of each semester (646-2669).


Required Items for Portfolio Submission:

  • Personal Information – Name, Banner ID, NMSU email, phone number
  • Resume – File Upload
  • Letter of Intent – File Upload
  • Academic Information – Program Area, degree, GPA
  • Transcripts – File Upload
  • Degree Check – File Upload
  • NES Scores & Score Reports – File Uploads
  • Contact information for 4 Recommenders – Name & email address for recommenders