Getting Started

New Mexico State University Requirements for the ISTP
College of Education (COE)

  • Review the General Entry Requirements (eligibility, procedures and preliminary application deadlines information).
  • Meet all COE requirements for student teaching, including filing an intention to student teach.
  • File the ISTP application.
  • Submit three letters of recommendation to Dr. Blanca Araujo..
  • Interview with ISTP committee. This will be arranged by your ISTP committee chair.
  • Receive confirmation of acceptance.
  • Register for student teaching with the COE for the term you will be abroad.
  • Compile all materials, books, and realia to be used in student teaching.
  • Register for and complete EDUC 480, the International Student Teaching Seminar the semester prior to student teaching.

New Mexico State University
Office of Study Abroad

  • Receive (from your ISTP committee chair), complete, sign and submit the Study Abroad Agreement contract to New Mexico State University Office of Study Abroad.
  • Pay the $300 program fee when you submit the Study Abroad Agreement..
  • Complete the Undergraduate or Graduate Transfer Credit Advising Agreement (part of the Study Abroad Agreement contract).
  • Complete the Study Abroad Exchange Program Agreement and Power of Attorney (part of the Study Abroad Agreement contract).
  • Purchase appropriate health insurance, or ISIC card from the NMSU Office of Study Abroad which provides basic travel insurance and travel discounts.

New Mexico State University
Office of Financial Aid

  • Receive advisement of financial aid opportunities for your student teaching abroad experience. Information is available as part of your Study Abroad Agreement contract or speak with an advisor at the Office of Financial Aid.


  • Attend the Study Abroad Orientation Program.
  • Obtain a valid passport
  • Obtain a visa valid for period of assignment if required. The Office of Study Abroad will advise you on this matter.
  • Arrange travel (flights, transfers) using an ISIC card from the Office of Study Abroad.
  • Consult with the NMSU Student Health Center or personal physician about immunization requirements for country of placement.
  • Research and read about country of assignment (people, culture, history, climate, etc.).
  • Make appropriate arrangements to cover financial needs while away from home.