Dr. Betsy Cahill

Associate Professor

Dr. CahillCo-Director, School of TPAL

Curriculum & Instruction
Office Phone: (575) 646-5702
Department Phone: (575) 646-4820
Fax: (575) 646-5436
P.O. Box 30001
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001
email: bcahill@nmsu.edu

Dr. Cahill’s areas of specialization include Teacher Licensure, Early Childhood education and care; anti-bias/multicultural education research and practice.
Selected Publications:


Jozwiak, M., Cahill, B., & Theilheimer, R. (2016). Continuity in children’s worlds: Choices and consequences for early childhood settings. New York: Teachers College Press. Continuity in Children’s Worlds

Book Review


Finno-Velasquez, M., Cahill, B., Ullrich, R., Matthews, H. (2018). Heightened immigration enforcement and the well-being of young children in immigrant families: Early childhood program responses. Zero to Three Journal, 39(1), 27-31.

Salazar Pérez, M., Kim, K., & Cahill, B. (2018). Myrna’s Children’s Village: Reflections on a dynamic early childhood lab school community in southern New Mexico. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, 19(1).

Hitter, T., Adams, E., & Cahill, B. (2017). Positive sexual self-schemas of women survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The Counseling Psychologist.

Perez, M. S. & Cahill, B. (2015). “Readiness” as central to the (re)production of quality discourses in the United States: An early childhood public policy analysis. In G.S. Cannella.

M.S. Pérez, & I.F. Lee (Ed.), Critical examinations of quality in childhood education and care: Regulation, disqualification, and erasure. NY: NY.: Peter Lang.

Cahill, B. & Theilheimer, R. (2014). The Development-Interactionist Approach: A Curriculum Framework: NM’s early care and education programs birth-5 years of age.


I am involved in work with stakeholders throughout the State of New Mexico. Appointed to NM Child Care Data Task Force (2015-present) and the NM Child Care Task Force (2014). Have served the state by writing policy such as NM Early Learning Plan (2011), Readiness Position Statement (2012) and the curriculum policy and framework for early childhood education titled The Developmental-Interaction Approach (2014).


ECED Doctoral Program. (2014-17). This specialized doctoral program in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction was developed at the request of the NM Department of Children, Youth and Families ($350,000).

Curriculum Framework for NM. (2014-17). Produce a) curriculum policy brief for NM and b) a speakers series on the curriculum approach ($90,000 x 3 years).

Roadrunner PreK grant from Children, Youth and Families Department (2012-present). With Dr. Melendrez. ($230,000).

Dona Ana County Head Start program offering quality preschool education and comprehensive services to children and families in seven locations. (2014-present). With Drs. Perez and Gibson-Smith. (~$2,000,000/year)

Thornburg Foundation Early Childhood Apprenticeship Proposal funded for 2015-16 ($80,000)