Dr. Lynette Bagwell

Lynn BagwellAssistant Director, Early Childhood Teacher Education Program
Early Childhood Education
School of Teacher Preparation, Administration and Leadership (TPAL)
New Mexico State University
Office Phone: (575) 646-1537


Dr. Bagwell is the Interim Assistant Director of Early Childhood Education (ECED), College of Education, New Mexico State University. Her areas of specialization and interest include Teacher Licensure, non-licensure early childhood education, context-based curriculum development, Project-Based Learning, and STEM in the area of early childhood education.

Research interests:  Developmental Interaction Approach, Curriculum Development, Local Investigations
Most recent courses taught:  ECED 470 – Student Teacher Seminar; ECED 329 – K-3 Methods Practicum
Selected Publications:

Bagwell, L. & Cahill B. (2015) Mandated Curriculum in New Mexico: Beginning the Dialogue in Early Education, Border Walking Journal. (Submitted for publication)

Recognition & Awards:

 OCIP One Year Plus Fellowship
Teaching Academy – Distinguished Member 2015


Curriculum Series Grant

Organizations:  NMAEYC; NAREA