Dr. Sathiyaprakash Ramdoss

Dr. Sathiyaprakash Ramdoss

Dr. Sathiyaprakash Ramdoss

Assistant Professor

Office Phone: 575 646-4121
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P.O. Box 30001
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001

email: sramdoss@nmsu.edu
O’Donnell Hall Room 200A


Dr. Sathiyaprakash Ramdoss graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a doctoral degree in Special Education with an emphasis in Autism and Developmental Disabilities. Previously, he earned a master’s degree in Philosophy from Madurai Kamaraj University, India and a masters degree in Counseling from Santa Clara University, California. He joined the faculty in the Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders at New Mexico State University in 2013. Dr. Ramdoss is committed to establish a program of research primarily aimed at promoting social inclusion and self-determination of individuals  diagnosed with autism and other developmental  disabilities through early intervention and assistive technology. His research comprises three broad, but inter-related themes: augmentative and alternative communication (AAC),  natural and synthetic speech perception and preference, and application of modern-day technology for the rehabilitation of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. To date, he has authored or co-authored over 7 articles in respected peer-reviewed journals, and 3 book chapters.

Areas of interest

Autism and Developmental Disabilities; Augmentative and Alternative Communication and other Assistive Technology.

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

Sigafoos, J., Ramdoss, S., Kagohara, D., Pennington, R., Lancioni, G., & O’Reilly, M. (2014). Computer-based instruction. In J. K. Luiselli, (Eds.), Children and youth with autism spectrum disorders (ASD): Recent advances and innovations in assessment, education, and intervention. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Lang, R., Ramdoss, S., Sigafoos, J., Green, V., Van Der Meer, L., Tastonoski, A., Lee, A., & O’Reilly, M. (2014). Assistive technology for postsecondary students with disabilities. In N. Singh & G. Lancioni (Eds.), Assistive technology for people with diverse abilities. New York: Springer

Mulloy, A., Gevarter, C., Hopkins, M., Sutherland, K., & Ramdoss, S. (2014). Assistive technology for students with visual impairment and blindness. In N. Singh & G. Lancioni (Eds.), Assistive technology for people with diverse abilities. New York: Springer

Lang, R., Ramdoss, S., Raulston, T., Carnet, A., Sigafoos, J., Didden, R., Moore, D., & O’Reilly, M. (2014). Assistive technology for people with autism spectrum disorders. In N. Singh & G. Lancioni (Eds.), Assistive technology for people with diverse abilities. New York: Springer

Peer-Reviewed Journals

Ramdoss, s. (Commentary author) (2013). Assistive technology can play an instrumental role in improving employment outcomes of people with cognitive disabilities, but the support strategies and solutions that have the potential to promote success in work place remain unexplored. Evidence-based Communication Assessment and Intervention, 7 (1), 4-6.

Kagohara, D. M., Achmati, D., Van-Der-Meer, L., Lancioni, G., O’Reilly, M., Lang, R., Ramdoss, S., Green, V., & Sigafoos, J. (2013). Teaching children with autism spectrum disorders to greet adults using social stories TM and video modeling. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities, 25 (2), 241-251.

Kagohara, D., van der Meer, L., Ramdoss, S., O’Reilly, M. F., Lancioni, G. E., Davis, T. N., Rispoli, M., Lang, R., Marschik, P. B., Sutherland, D., Green, V. A., & Sigafoos, J. (2013). Using iPods and iPads in teaching programs for individuals with developmental disabilities: A systematic review. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 34(1), 147-156.

Ramdoss, S., Machalicek, W., Rispoli, M., Mulloy, A., Lang, R., & O’Reilly, M. (2012). Computer-Based Interventions to improve social and emotional skills in individuals with autism spectrum disorders: A systematic review. Developmental Neurorehabilitation, 15(2), 119-135.

Ramdoss, S., Lang, R., Fragale, T., Britt, C., O’Reilly, M., Sigafoos, J., Didden, R., Palmen, A., & Lancioni, G. (2012). Use of computer-based interventions to promote daily living skills in individuals with intellectual disabilities: A systematic review. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities, 24(2), 195-217.


Hearts for Autism Funds – Board Member

Selected Recognitions

Young Achiever Award for making a difference to the lives of children with autism and other intellectual disabilities, Sourashtra Chamber of Commerce, Madurai, Tamilnadu, India, 2010

Earned first class distinction when graduating with a M.A. in Philosophy, Madurai Kamaraj University, India, 2004

Earned first class distinction when graduating with a B.A. in Religion, Philosophy & Sociology, Madurai Kamaraj University, India, 2002

Peter Isaac Award for Proficiency in Formal Logic, Department of Philosophy, Madurai Kamaraj University, India, 2001

Secured state rank in state level Public Examination in Psychology, Department of Education Ministries, Gov of Tamilnadu, India, 1999


Fall 2011 – Spring 2012, David Bruton, Jr. Continuing Fellowship, University of Texas at Austin, TX

Fall 2009, 2010, and 2011, Faculty/Student Dual Presentation Travel Awards, The University of Texas at Austin, TX.

Fall 2009, Professional Development Fellowship Award, University of Texas at Austin, TX

Fall 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. Lois Ford LaBauve Scholarship for Academic Excellence and Community Service, University of Texas at Austin, TX.

Fall 2008 – Spring 2009, M. B. Moran Endowed Presidential Scholarship, University of Texas at Austin, TX

Fall 2008 – Spring 2009, David Bruton, Jr. Continuing Fellowship, University of Texas at Austin, TX

Fall 2007-Spring 2008, Preemptive Recruitment Fellowship, University of Texas at Austin, TX

March 2004, Graduate Endowment Fellowship for Academic Excellence, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, India

May 1999, State-level Achievers Scholarship, Department of Education Ministries, Government of Tamilnadu, India.

Academic Background

Ph.D. Special Education, University of Austin, TX.

Concentration in Autism and Developmental Disabilities

M.A. Counseling, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA.

M.A. Philosophy, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, TN India

B.A. Religion, Philosophy & Sociology, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, TN India