Myrna’s Childrens Village

Laboratory Schools: Myrna’s Children’s Village

Myrna’s Children’s Village offers early care and education programs for NMSU students, faculty, staff, and community families and children, six weeks to five years of age. Through a variety of program options for infants, toddlers, and preschool children, families have choices to meet the childcare and educational needs of their young children.feature_pre-k_3.jpg

 All of the NMSU Children’s Village programs provide high quality care and education of young children as well as environments for university students to learn about appropriate education of young children. University students are supervised at all times by permanent staff members. In addition to serving as field experience sites, the NMSU Children’s Village Programs serve as sites for faculty research.




 Myrna’s Children’s Village

Children’s Village Office: (575) 646-1651

Companeros/Head Start, Building 100

LCPS Main Office (575) 527-6076, (575) 527-5905

DACHS Main Office (575) 647-8733

Amistad KIDS Preschool, Building 200

LCPS Main Office (575) 527-5800

La Clinica de la Familia Early Head Start, Buildings 400, 500

Office (575) 532-0515

NMSU School for Young Children, Buildings 300,600 & 700

Director (575) 646-7933

Dona Ana County Head Start NMSU Classroom, Building 800

Main Office (575) 647-8733