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Blanca Araujo

Blanca  Araujo
Professor, Teacher Education Program (TEP)

Contact Info
(575) 646-1282
O'Donnell Hall 101



Dr. Araujo serves as the Director of the Teacher Education Program and is responsible for all matters related to teacher preparation. She works collaboratively with the Executive Council leadership team of the college.

Since 2014, Associate Professor Blanca Araujo has served as Director of Elementary Education where she has engaged in overseeing student teaching, block course scheduling and the advisement of teaching candidates pursuing a teaching license. In her new leadership capacity, she will serve as the lead for the ongoing alignment of TEP and CAEP program standards and will provide leadership to a broadened range of responsibilities pertaining to teacher preparation. Having completed her graduate training at NMSU, Blanca was tenured at UTEP before returning to NMSU as a proud and accomplished alumna. Her training specializations and research interests include critical pedagogy and bilingual education. Across the borderlands, Blanca’s leadership and commitment to the teacher preparation is unparalleled.