Teacher Education Program (TEP)

  • Welcome to the Teacher Education Program Website. If you are a new teacher candidate, OTCP1-200x300.jpgcongratulations on having reached this important milestone in your professional career. The information on this website has been carefully selected and organized to answer many important questions about the teacher licensure programs in the College of Education.

    If you are interested in becoming a teacher, but not yet admitted to the Teacher Education Program, please visit our Teacher Education Program page to check out the Paths to Becoming a Teacher.

    The Teacher Education Program (TEP) is a committee composed of faculty members and administrators committed to supporting, encouraging, and working with teachers in the College of Education.

    Our mission is to produce highly qualified educators to serve New Mexico’s diverse communities.

    To submit your portfolio please see TEP Admission.


    Becoming a Teacher

    Find the best way to earn your teaching license…

    No college degree?

    One way to earn a license is to complete a bachelor’s degree in an approved teacher preparation program. The first step is to apply to the university and declare a major. NMSU’s College of Education has a wide array of exciting Undergraduate teaching programs.

    Bachelor’s degree or higher but no teacher prep?

    If you already have a bachelor’s degree or higher, you can earn your teaching license through a post-baccalaureate licensure program while you teach now on an intern license. See our Graduate Programs page for admission to our Licensure and Teacher Education Programs.

    Licensed elsewhere?

    If you have a teaching license from another state or another country, you can teach apply for a NM teaching license under reciprocity and teach now.  More information about NM’s 3-Tiered Licensure system is available at on NM Public Education Department (PED) Licensure page.

  • TO: Applicants to the Teacher Education Program
    FROM: Directors of the Teacher Education Program (TEP)

    We value your interest in the Teacher Education Program (TEP) at New Mexico State University. All candidates who wish to complete a teaching degree must be admitted to the TEP. The College of Health, Education, and Social Transformation (HEST) has instituted a competitive TEP admission process that continues to ensure quality students become prepared teacher candidates. It is required that you submit a professional electronic portfolio as your application to the Teacher Education Program, which will be reviewed by the College of HEST TEP faculty.

    Education is a rewarding and challenging profession, and the faculty and staff of the college are eager to help you meet your goals. A professional TEP portfolio is a necessary standard to be considered for admission to the TEP but do not ensure admission to the TEP. A student who, in the professional judgment of the committee, does not meet the criteria for acceptance into the Teacher Education Program will be denied admission. Therefore, the applicant is encouraged to achieve the highest possible cumulative GPA, develop a strong student portfolio, exemplify the dispositions necessary for the teaching field, and conduct a successful interview as outlined in the appropriate packet.

    The NMSU Teacher Education Program (TEP) has updated the TEP entrance criteria as of May 3, 2022.  TEP will no longer require the Praxis Core Academic Skills Exams (Reading, Writing, and Math). 

    Instruction Packets:

    Please read these information sheets carefully. It is important that you follow the TEP portfolio instructions described on the packet. Fully complete your portfolio and submit to the College of HEST by the appropriate deadline. Portfolios that are incomplete or received past the due date will need to be resubmitted the following semester.

    You must submit all information and documents at the same time, so please have your PDF documents ready before you proceed to submit your packet.

    Minimum Criteria to Submit TEP Portfolio:

    Undergraduate Criteria Graduate Criteria
    • GPA of 2.75 or higher
    • Earn a C- or better in TEP prerequisites (see the packet for complete list)
    • The candidate can apply to TEP as early as their 2nd semester of sophomore year. Candidates may submit their electronic portfolio during the semester in which they are enrolled in the last of the prerequisites.
    • Candidates need to have completed at least 60 credits to start TEP coursework but can apply when finishing the last of those 60 credits.
    • The candidate must get a current degree check with a current date and signature from Dr. Margo Trevino-Torres in the College of HEST Educational Support & Resource Center office in O’Donnell Hall #121 (call for an appointment – 575 646-3404).
    • GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • Earn a B- or better in TEP prerequisites (see the packet for complete list)
    • The candidate can apply to TEP as early as their 2nd semester of their Master’s Plus Licensure Program. Candidates may submit their electronic portfolio during the semester in which they are enrolled in the last of the prerequisites.
    • The candidate must complete a current Program of Study with a current date and signature from their appropriate Master’s plus Licensure Program Director (email to make an appointment).

    Note: A Google Account is needed to use the online submission portal (Instructions: Creating a Google Account for TEP).


    Do you think you are ready to submit?  Use this TEP Submission Checklist to make sure you have everything ready to go.

    The Teacher Education Program Committee will review online portfolios three times a year, in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. Given that you have met the criteria above, upload your completed portfolio to the Teacher Education Program portal (use button below) no later than noon (MST) on:

    • 3rd Friday in September for the Fall,
    • 3rd Friday in February for the Spring,
    • 3rd Friday in July for the Summer
      Confirm exact date by contacting the Teacher Education Program office at the beginning of each semester (646-2669).


    If you are accepted into TEP but do not start your TEP Block Methods Courses within one year, or if you take a semester off from your courses after being admitted into TEP, then you will be required to reapply.

    Required Items for Portfolio Submission:

    • Personal Information – Name, Aggie ID, NMSU email, phone number
    • Resume – File Upload
    • Letter of Intent – File Upload
    • Academic Information – Program Area, degree, GPA
    • Transcripts – File Upload
    • Degree Check (Undergraduate) or Program of Study (Graduate) – File Upload
    • Contact information for 4 Recommenders – Name & email address for recommenders


    CLICK HERE to watch our tutorial video to see how to upload your application to the online TEP portal.  

  • Student Teaching Information and Application

    Student teaching is completed during the senior year. Each student spends a full semester in the classroom with an in-service teacher. Placements are made through the TEP Office of the College of HEST. Most students remain in the local districts, but there are opportunities abroad

    STEP application packets are due the semester before Student Teaching 

    The STEP application portal will open 10 business days prior to the submission deadline.  For the Fall 2022 STEP Submission, the portal will open on Sept. 26th, with all completed applications due by noon on October 7th, 2022.

    STEP Submission

    Students will submit their STEP packets using the online STEP submission portal (link provided below). Completed STEP application packets are due on:

    • the 1st Friday in March (for Spring submission) and
    • the 1st Friday in October (for Fall submission).
    Late or incomplete STEP applications will not be accepted.

    STEP Instructions Packet

    Ready to submit your STEP Packet?  Use the link below to access the STEP Portal to submit your documents:


    There will also be a placement meeting for students who are approved for student teaching.  Information shared at this placement meeting includes: campus placement, cooperating teacher, grade, tentative schedule for student teaching, basic lesson plan format and reflection process, substitute teaching policy, explanation of TRIAD meetings and the cooperating teacher handbook. The date and time for the placement meeting will be shared with students upon acceptance.  This placement meeting is a mandatory meeting.  Information regarding the date and time for the STEP Placement Meeting will be shared via email by the TEP Program Directors

    The following application resources are required for the student teaching packet.  Download them in order to complete the resource, and then upload with your STEP packet.
    Program Area
    Student Info Card Self-Evaluation Lesson Plan Template
    Early Childhood Education ECED Student Info Card ECED Self-Evaluation ECED Lesson Template
    Elementary Education ELEM Student Info Card ELEM Self-Evaluation ELEM Lesson Template
    Special Education

    SPED/ELEM use the ELEM Student Info Card

    SPED/Secondary use the SED Student Info Card

    SPED Self-Evaluation

    SPED/ELEM use the ELEM Lesson Template

    SPED/Secondary use the Secondary Lesson Template

    Secondary Education  (with Music Ed)

    SED Student Info Card

    Music Info Card

    Secondary Self-Evaluation Secondary Lesson Template
    K-12 Physical Education PE Student Info Card use the Secondary Self-Evaluation

    PE Elem Lesson Template

    PE Secondary Lesson Template



    Praxis Licensure Exams required for Spring 2023 and Fall 2023 Student Teachers:

    For Spring 2024 student teachers and beyond, new testing requirements will go into effect

    Program Area When to take exam Testing Requirement (test #) Qualifying Score
    Early Childhood Education During Student Teaching Education of Young Children (5024) 160
    Elementary Education Before STEP Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (5017) 153
    During Student Teaching Teaching Reading: Elementary Education (5205)


    Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades K-6 (5622)




    Secondary Education Before STEP


    (take the specific exam for your content area)

    English Language Arts: Content Knowledge (5038)

    General Sciences: Content Knowledge (5435)

    Mathematics: Content Knowledge (5165)

    Social Studies: Content Knowledge (5081)





    During Student Teaching Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades 7-12 (5624) 157
    Special Education Before STEP Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications (5354)


    *If SPED/Secondary, must also take Content Knowledge Exam listed above





    During Student Teaching Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades K-6 (5622)


    Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades 7-12 (5624)





    Music Education Before STEP Music: Content Knowledge (5113) 161
    During Student Teaching Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades K-6 (5622)


    Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades 7-12 (5624)





    Physical Education Before STEP Physical Education: Content Knowledge (5091) 148
    During Student Teaching Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades K-6 (5622)


    Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades 7-12 (5624)





  • Early Childhood Education

    Dr. Violet Henderson

    College Associate Professor Clinical Director, Early Childhood Teacher Education Program


    (575) 646-1537 TEP Office

    Elementary Education

    Dr. Leanna Lucero

    Assistant Professor Clinical Director, Elementary Teacher Education
    TEP, MCE

    (575) 646-2205 O’Donnell Hall Room 135



    Secondary Education

    Dr. Tracey Gorham Blanco

    College Associate Professor Clinical Director, Secondary Teacher Education
    575-646-4161 O’Donnell Hall Room 101D

    Special Education

    Dr. Yvonne Moreno

    College Assistant Professor

    (575) 646-2903 O’Donnell Hall Room OH 302C



    Alternative Licensure

    Dr. Cecilia M. Hernandez

    College Associate Professor
    (575) 646-1256 O’Donnell Hall 101B

    Principal Licensure

    Dr. Pamela Gray

    Assistant Professor
    575-646-2434 Room 205B, O’Donnell Hall



    Visual Impairment Program Licensure

    Dr., Loana Mason

    College Assistant Professor Clinical Director, Visual Impairment Program
    (502) 523-5907

    Director, School of TPAL

    Dr. Rick Marlatt

    Associate Professor - Interim Director, School of TPAL
    LLC, TEP

    (575) 646-1758 O’Donnell Hall Room 302J