NMSU Alternative Licensure

The College of Education at New Mexico State University provides a New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) approved alternative licensure program for persons who hold at least a baccalaureate degree, but have not completed a traditional educator preparation program. This is a focused state accredited program for obtaining a New Mexico Level 1 teaching license.

The NMSU Alternative Licensure Program (ALP) is a graduate level NMPED approved teacher licensure pathway designed to prepare qualified early childhood, elementary, secondary and special education classroom teachers. The ALP features face-to-face and online courses as well as University Supervisors who facilitate on-going field coaching and mentoring. Each teacher candidate accepted to the alternative licensure program will meet licensure requirements within the two-year time limit set by the NMPED while serving as the teacher of record in a classroom setting.

For additional information about Alternative Licensure, contact Dr. Cecilia Hernandez; 575-646-1256 or cecimh@nmsu.edu

Additional information about Licensure in the State of New Mexico can be found at State of New Mexico Department of Education Licensure Information Program.

To apply please contact Dr. Hernandez via email: cecimh@nmsu.edu

Early Childhood/Elementary/Secondary/Special Education
The NMSU Alternative Licensure Program aims to recruit highly qualified individuals who have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher in a related field and are eligible (see below for eligibility requirements) for a New Mexico alternative license pathway. We seek individuals who will have a positive impact on the social, cultural, emotional, and intellectual growth of children with whom they will work throughout their career.


Application Process for “Conditional” Acceptance into Alternative Licensure Process:
A candidate is “conditionally” accepted when: NMSU has received all the required documentation AND an evaluation of transcripts has been performed by NMSU. Also, the candidate qualifies for the Alternative Licensure Program on the “condition” a full-time teaching position is secured.

Please contact Dr. Hernandez for the application packet for “Conditional Acceptance”

ELEMENTARY Alternative Licensure Program subject area credits required:
Bachelor’s degree or higher (Master’s / Doctorate) including 30 (12 master/doctorate) credit hours (total) of the coursework below: A minimum of 3 credit hours per each of the subjects below is required (21) plus an additional 9 credits of any combination to equal a total of (30) credits.

Language Arts (minimum of 3 credit hours)
Mathematics (minimum of 3 credit hours)
Science (minimum of 3 credit hours)
Social Studies (minimum of 3 credit hours)
History (minimum of 3 credit hours)
Fine or performing arts (minimum of 3 credit hours)
Foreign Language (minimum of 3 credit hours)

Application Process for “Official” Acceptance into Alternative Licensure Program:
A candidate is “officially” accepted when NMSU has received all required documents for conditional acceptance above AND a copy of a district intent to hire statement or contract from an accredited public or charter school district.

Include the following required documents in the application packet for “Official Acceptance”:

1. Completed application to the graduate school.
2. A copy of intent to hire or hiring contract with School District.

Upon acceptance to the program all candidates must:
1. Teach with a provisional/intern license throughout the program
2. Successfully complete required coursework (maintain a minimum of 3.0) within the two-year state time limit
3. Participate in two consecutive semesters of observation by a University Supervisor with a $400 fee for each semester.
4. Pass all remaining required state licensure exams. 


For more information:

Name: Dr. Cecilia M. Hernandez
Email: cecimh@nmsu.edu
Telephone: (575) 646-1256