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Cecilia M. Hernandez

Cecilia M. Hernandez
College Associate Professor

Contact Info
(575) 646-1256
O’Donnell Hall 101B



Dr. Cecilia Hernandez is a College Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction in the School of TPAL. She teaches elementary and secondary science methods courses and infuses multiculturalism into those courses. She received the Distinguished Dissertation Award in 2013 at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Teacher Educators.

Dr. Hernandez earned her doctoral degree in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis on science education in May 2011 at Kansas State University. Her dissertation, “The Extent to which Latina/o Pre-service Teachers Demonstrate Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices during Science and Mathematics Instruction,” focused on 12 non-traditional, linguistically diverse teachers in rural areas and how they negotiated culturally responsive teaching practices in science classrooms during their student-teaching experience.
While pursuing her doctorate, Hernandez worked in the Kansas State University Office of Diversity. She has a bachelor’s and master’s from Texas Tech University in biology.