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Yvonne Moreno

Yvonne Moreno
College Associate Professor

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(575) 646-2903
O’Donnell Hall Room OH 302C

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Dr. Yvonne Moreno firmly advocates for the universal right of all individuals, regardless of their exceptionalities, to lead fully independent lives and make meaningful contributions to society. This guiding principle has shaped her academic pursuits, professional endeavors, and research focus in special education.

Dr. Moreno holds a bachelor's degree in special education from the University of Texas at El Paso. Building upon this foundation, she furthered her education by obtaining a Master of Arts degree in education and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Special Education from New Mexico State University. With her extensive experience working in both public school and community-based settings, she has acquired valuable insights and expertise in supporting individuals with disabilities.

Her research interests include post-school transitions for individuals with disabilities, low-incidence disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and disability studies in education. Driven by a deep commitment to promoting positive post-school outcomes for individuals with disabilities, Dr. Moreno actively seeks avenues to enhance their opportunities and well-being.

By continually advancing her research, Dr. Moreno strives to bridge the gap between theory and practice, aiming to make tangible improvements in the lives of individuals with disabilities. Her ultimate goal is to contribute to a more inclusive society that embraces all its members' diverse capabilities and potential.

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