Undergraduate Degree in Special Education program

Bachelors in Special Education program

The undergraduate program is designed to prepare students for licensure in special education. Students receive training in a broad based curriculum appropriate for teaching and other career options related to working with individuals with disabilities. In addition to special education coursework, students complete an academic teaching field. Undergraduate majors in Special Education obtain dual licensure in special and general education (elementary or secondary).

Our Bachelors in Special Education program is advised through the NMSU’s Center for Academic Advising and Student Support located in Garcia Annex. Dr. Margo M. Trevino-Torres  in the College of HEST Undergraduate Resource Center/Teacher Education Program Advising (Room 121 O’Donnell Hall), advises students who have been admitted to the Teacher Education Program.  Contact:  yvmoreno@nmsu.edu (575) 646-2903.

Degree plans for Special Education
Degree plan Degree Map
SPED-E ED 2022-23 (pdf) SPED- E ED Degree Map 2022-23 (pdf)
SPED S ED General Science (pdf) SPED S ED General Science Degree Map (pdf)
SPED S ED Social Studies (pdf) SPED S ED Social Studies Degree Map (pdf)
SPED S ED SMAT (pdf) SPED S ED SMAT Degree Map (pdf)
SPED S ED Language ARTS (pdf) SPED S ED Language Arts Degree Map (pdf)

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The Special Education Program is thrilled to offer a new accelerated masters degree in Special Education for undergraduate students. Students graduating from the five-year program will be eligible for a license in elementary education and special education. Graduates will also be eligible for TESOL and bilingual endorsements. This is one of very few programs of its kind in the United States, and graduates are highly trained and marketable. Become one of the very first at New Mexico State University to take advantage of this excellent program. For more information, contact yvmoreno@nmsu.edu or call 575-646-2903.

During the first two years of the B.S. program, students concentrate on their general education requirements while also taking elementary education classes. This professional education component acquaints students with the psychological, social, cultural, developmental, and cognitive aspects of K-8 education. Students also begin to take field experience courses with child study requirements.

Upon acceptance into the College of HEST Teacher Education Program (TEP), students take courses in elementary including integrated methods courses in the subject areas of math, science, reading, language arts, fine arts and social studies; school and community collaboration; and advanced assessment. During these final two years of the program, students’ knowledge is developed and skills are practiced through extensive field experiences where students act in the role of teaching assistants.

See the Teacher Education Program (TEP) for more information about preparation and placement of student teachers in the Special Education program.

In the final semester of the program, students apply to student teach for 15 weeks. Upon completion of the BA program and passage of the New Mexico Teachers Assessment, students are eligible to apply for state licensure .