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David Rutledge

David Rutledge
Associate Professor

Contact Info
(575) 646-5411
Office: O’Donnell Hall Room 200F



Dr. David Rutledge is an Associate Professor of Educational Design and Learning Technology. His focus is on Curriculum and Instruction as related to educational equity and diversity. He has been the coordinator for the Curriculum & Instruction online doctoral program since 2004. This online doctoral program coordination includes working with educational professionals at a global level to explore educational goals across multiple disciplines.

Dr. Rutledge's areas of specialization include learning technologies; ESL/Bilingual education and international comparative education.

Selected works

Clausen, J., Borthwick, A. & Rutledge, D. (2021). Teacher Educator Perspectives on Technology Infusion: A Closer Look Using Q Methodology. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 29(1), 5-43.

Engledowl, C., & Rutledge, D. (2020). National policies: Catalyst for teacher preparation program enrollment and completion decline? Mid-Western Educational Researcher, 32(3).

Kazanjian, C.J., & Rutledge, D., & Gandarilla, S. (2020). A descriptive multicultural phenomenology for culturally responsive leadership. The Journal of Intercultural Education, 6(2),

Liu, J.* & Rutledge, D. (2020). Pre-Service Teachers’ Beliefs about Language Learning (BALLI) on Bilingualism: Getting Insights to Developing Knowledge, English Language Teaching, 13(9), 30-39.

Moreno, G. & Rutledge, D. (2020). How Participatory Action Research as Pedagogy Helped Transform the Identities of Students Enrolled in a Developmental Mathematics Classroom. Educational Action Research, 28(5), 775-790, DOI: 10.1080/09650792.2019.1682630.

Rutledge, D. & Meza J.* (2007). Technology Use of College Bound Seniors from a Southwest Border Community: Preparation, Selection, and Application to College. Journal of Border Educational Research, 6(2), pp. 83-97.