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Angela Owens

Angela Owens
College Assistant Professor

Contact Info
(575) 646-2900
O’Donnell Hall 101A



Director, Glass Family Research Institute for Early Childhood Studies

Dr. Angela Owens' research interests include literacy/bi-literacy, issues of educational equity in special education for learners and their caregivers, critical disability theory, and teacher preparation as it relates to early childhood and elementary. She also examines the integration of social justice topics using literature in elementary classroom settings.

Educational Background
Dr. Owens holds a doctorate in literacy/bi-literacy education from The University of Texas at El Paso. She has served the borderland community since 2005 as a teacher, administrator, project manager for special education and a professional development consultant.


Owens, A., & Garcia, B. Teaching Executive Functions (2018). Modeling Independence from Cradles to College for Success. Handbook of Research on Promoting Higher-Order Skills and Global Competencies in Life and Work. Sagini Keengwe (Ed.)

Academic Background:

BIS, University of Texas (El Paso), 2005
M.Ed. in Educational Administration, University of Texas (El Paso), 2007
M.Ed. as Instructional Specialist (Early Childhood Education), University of Texas (El Paso), 2009
Currently a Doctoral Candidate



Full CV (PDF):

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