Project ELevate

Professional Development for Teachers of Bilingual/English Learners Project ELevate

Dr. Anita Hernández has received a five year $2.78 million federal grant from the U.S. Department of Education that will support the professional development of educators working with bilingual learners.

Dr. Anita Hernández, professor and the Don and Sarrah Kidd Endowed Chair in Literacy, developed Project ELevate in partnership with local districts, community DACC partner ENLACE, and NMSU’s Chicano Programs. One of the priorities of the grant will be to create community engagement opportunities. ENLACE personnel, Dr. Marquez and Delma Tofoya will organize Tech Goes Home family engagement projects and Chicano Program Director, Dr. Gutiérrez-Spencer will organize a Mother-Daughter college pathway program. Over five years, the grant will support the professional development of 50 future teachers to earn endorsements and licensures, 115 classroom teachers to earn either an endorsement, MA degree; or national board certification, and one thousand parents who will be able to participate in one of the community engagement projects.

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