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Things You Should Know

  • Doctoral Application Portfolios are due by December 15th, 2022 for Fall 2022 admission.

Important Information

Doctor of Philosophy – Curriculum & Instruction (Concentration in area of Focus). The School of Teacher Preparation, Administration, and Leadership faculty members recruits students to the doctoral program in Curriculum and Instruction who show interest at both personal and professional levels to embrace diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice in educational settings and in the curriculum. The doctoral professional experience at New Mexico State University is intended:

  • To enable doctoral students to begin a process of learning about themselves, their social roles as educators, and the necessity of that process for their socio-cultural and socio-political transformations.
  • To commit doctoral students to take risks in developing their diverse dispositions, competencies, and pedagogies to transform themselves, classrooms, schools, and communities.
  • To create change that emanates from understanding the intersections of race, ethnicity, nationality, sovereign nationhood, class, gender, language, gender orientation, sexuality, diverse abilities, and many other hidden or seemingly invisible manifestations.

The Program of Study, below, is designed to meet doctoral students’ needs and maintain a sequence of courses for students to follow for successful professional growth. The Full-time sequence is for students who intend to commit to nine (9) credit hours each semester. The Part-time sequence is for students who intend to commit to six (6) credit hours each semester. There are 30 credits of required courses, 18 credits of concentration courses, and 18 credits of dissertation hours. Doctoral students will be allowed to transfer nine (9) credits from a Master’s Degree in the concentration area. The course descriptions are below the program Full-time and Part-time sequences.


Note: Concentration courses are not fully represented on these proposed pathways as they are negotiated by the admittance committees.

C&I CORE COURSES (required of all doctoral students): 48 credit hours

  1. EDUC 6110: Curriculum for a Diverse Society (3) Fall

2 EDUC 6440: Qualitative Research I (3) Fall

  1. EDUC 6120: Pedagogy of Learning in a Diverse Society (3) Spring
  2. EDUC 6420: Evaluation of Quantitative Research in Education (3) Spring
  3. EDUC 6320: Social Justice Issues in Education (3) Fall
  4. EDUC 6430: Quantitative Research II (Adv. Statistics) (3) Fall
  5. EDUC 6410: Current Research in Education (3) Spring
  6. EDUC 6230: Research as Praxis: Qualitative Research II (3) Spring
  7. EDUC 6996: Selected Topics (Research Design) (3) Fall
  8. EDUC 6910: Qualitative Research Designs Seminar (3) Fall

Core Courses = 30 credit hours

Concentration Courses (Determined by Focus Area Faculty) = 18 credit hours

Doctoral Dissertation Hours (EDUC 7000) = 18 credit hours (All coursework must be completed before taking EDUC 7000 hours)

Total = 66 hours