Master of Arts in Education (Non-Licensure)

The Master of Arts in Education (non-licensure) is designed for people who find employment in various state and private agencies, community colleges or in overseas positions that do not require a teaching license; that is, positions outside of public school teaching.

The program with a concentration in Curriculum & Instruction/Multicultural Education is a 30-33 credit program of study. The number of credit hours is dependent upon the chosen minor or elective.

Currently, this program is being offered exclusively online. Although this program has both an NMSU Global and an NMSU Main Campus designation, program coursework is currently offered online only.

Minimum number of credits: 30

Course Requirements:

  1. Curriculum & Instruction Core – 12 credits
    • EDUC 515: Multicultural Education (3)
    • EDUC 516: Curriculum & Pedagogy I (3)
    • EDUC 519: Research in Curriculum & Pedagogy (3)
    • EDUC 520: Action Research Projects (3)
  2. Additional Courses in the School of TPAL – 9 credits
    • EDUC 595: Directed Study - Educational Policy Through a Native American Lens (offered every fall)
    • EDUC 635: Critical Race Theory & Storytelling in Educational Spaces (offered every fall)
    • ELA 586: Multicultural Leadership in Education (offered every spring)
  3. Electives and/or Minor – 9 to 12 credits
    • Students select a minor in Native American Studies (9 cr), Gender and Sexuality Studies (9-12 cr), or 9 credits of electives in Borderland Ethnic Studies